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I was facing low water pressure and rusty water issues. I discussed it with one of my friends and he suggested me that the solution to this problem is repiping. I didn’t have any idea about it. He referred me to Arizona Integrity Plumbing. So I ended up calling them and they came at my house within a couple of hours. The problem was all pipes were in a dire situation so I ended up listening to their professional advice and went with Pex repiping. I also decided to get some other bids from other contractors but Arizona Integrity Plumbing stood up with their lower prices and outstanding presentation. Therefore I decided to go with Arizona Integrity Plumbing. It was my best decision. They exceeded my expectations and I recommend you to try this company.
John Martin

Martha P. on Yelp

5 star rated plumber

I was so dreading having my house repiped because of polybutylene .  Az Integrity was doing work at a neighbor’s house and 2 people that had seen their work called and told me to go check it out.  Amazing..clean, neat, no mess anywhere and the minimal number of holes in the walls was astonishing.  Called up Kelly and he gave me a price over the phone but would verify when he got to my house.  Then when he got here he gave an estimate of $600 lower.  I loved this guy.  He was so honest and absolutely knew what he was talking about.  Where other plumbers had come in with estimates and upwards of 30 holes in the drywall he was able to reduce it down to 1/2 that number.  His guys showed up on time and worked diligently and also were experts.  Holes were cut and lines in in 2 days.  Awaiting a virtual inspection and drywall repairs.  You would not know they were here.  They have gone way beyond my expectations and would highly recommend this company!  And there price was way way lower than any other estimates I had from Tucson plumbers.

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I was very impressed with Arizona Integrity Plumbing services. They exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend them.
Philipin John

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Since 2006 Arizona Integrity Plumbing has been specializing in residential and commercial re-piping. Arizona Integrity Plumbing has become gold standard in industry of repiping plumbing due to excellent services.

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