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The Repipe Expert™ Process

Check out some pictures from our recent commercial and residential repipes to get an idea of how we can help you solve your problematic pipe issues! Call us today for a no-hassle, free quote. 

Before Your Repipe

Before every residential or commercial repipe, the Repipe Expert™ thoroughly inspects your pipes and your property to give you a quote for your project. Every repipe is unique to the property, so a customized plan is created to map out the pipes that need to be replaced and the route the pipes will take within your walls. By creating a plan, we can make as few cuts as possible and make sure you’re new plumbing system is efficient.

Residential Repipe Process

During Your Repipe

We aim to make the process as quick and easy as possible. During your repipe, we will:

  • Use plastic tarps to protect you and your walls, floors, and belongings from dust and particles
  • Make clean cuts to access pipes in the walls
  • Replace all water lines to each plumbing fixture
  • Use new hose connections
  • Install new valves under sinks and toilets
  • Replace all supply lines
  • Restore water at the end of each day, allowing you to continue occupying the property
  • Schedule an inspection before closing up the walls
Repipe process in Phoenix

After Your Repipe

After your pipes have been replaced, the Repipe Expert™ will complete all drywall and paint repair. With every job we:

  • Close up all cuts in the drywall
  • Tape, mud, and texture to match the surrounding walls or area
  • Repaint the area to match the color of the existing walls
  • Remove the plastic tarps, clean the entire area and dispose of any waste and hazardous material

If you’re ready for a free inspection and quote, give the Repipe Expert™ a call today!

Repipe wall repair patching

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