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FAQs from Arizona Integrity Plumbing – the Repipe Expert™

Questions and Answers
What warrantees do you offer?

All our work and materials are guaranteed for a period of 2 years. We also guarantee the repipe materials, including the piping and fittings, for 25 years!

Does Arizona Integrity Plumbing offer financing?

Yes, we can. Give us a call to discuss options for financing!

How long does a typical repiping job take?

On average, residential properties take five working days to repipe. This includes all repiping, city inspection, closing all drywall and stucco if needed, texture, and painting. Learn more about the repiping process here.

What type of liability insurance do you carry?

Our liability insurance covers up to $1,000,000 per occurrence with a $2,000,000 annual aggregate.

Do you guarantee your quotes?

Yes, on residential properties we guarantee our quotes for up to 6 months!

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Since 2006 Arizona Integrity Plumbing, known as THE REPIPE EXPERT™, has specialized in residential and commercial re-piping in Arizona and the entire United States. Arizona Integrity Plumbing has become the gold standard in the industry of repiping plumbing due to excellent services.

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