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As a sewer line repair expert in Phoenix, we focus on giving you peace of mind through a job well done – the first time. Call us today for a no hassle, free quote. 

Sewer Line Repair, Installation, Replacement, and Cleaning Services in Phoenix You Can Trust

When it comes to finding a sewer line repair professional, we know there are a lot of options and finding the right plumber to repair your sewer line isn’t easy. 

Arizona Integrity Plumbing has a team of professional plumbers that will identify the root cause of the problem and repair your sewer line correctly, the first time, so you don’t have any issues in the future. Our sewer line repair services include:


Because we’ve been in the plumbing business since 2006, you can trust that our professionals will care for your broken pipes, blockages, leaks, and deterioration with utmost care. To get a free quote and assistance, call us today at (800) 899-5756.

5 star rated plumber

“I had an extremely exceptional experience with Arizona Integrity Plumbing. They were straightforward about the price for replacing my sewer line and did it in less time than we expected. I would highly recommend you go with them!”

~Alex G.

5 star rated plumber

“They were a lifesaver when we seriously needed help! The guys were so professional, worked hard the whole time even though it was so hot. They are professional plumbers you can count on if you need help with your sewer line! “

~Dan I.

5 star rated plumber

“All I can say is I wish more plumbing companies were like Arizona Integrity Plumbing. They were professional, did the job right for a decent price compared to what other people were wanting to charge us. Definitely recommend choosing them if you need a plumber.”

~Alice Z.

As a sewer line repair expert in Phoenix we promise to

Provide you with quality services that will benefit you for years to come.

  • Free Quotes On All Sewer Line Repairs and and Installations
  • Guaranteed Pricing With No Hidden Costs or Fees
  • Provide You With a Professional Plumber who’s work is guaranteed and insured

Signs You May Need a Sewer Line Repair or Replacement

Your Toilets Back Up

One of the tell tales signs that your sewer line needs repair or replacement is when your toilets start to back up. The clog in your sewer line prevents your toilet from flushing properly and can even back up with dirty sewer water. If this happens to you, turn off the water on your toilet and give Arizona Integrity Plumbing a call right away so we can diagnose the issue. 

Drains Aren’t Draining

Have you noticed the drains in your home are slow to drain? Although this may be a simple clogged drain, it could also be indicative of a larger sewer blockage. I bet you’ve considered buying a jug of drain cleaner to fix the problem, right? Unfortunately, chemical drain cleaners are only temporary fixes and can damage the rest of your plumbing. The best route is to call a professional plumber like Arizona Integrity Plumbing to either clear your drains or diagnose your larger plumbing issue. 

The Toilets Make Gurgling Noises

Is your toilet making gurgling noises when nobody is using it? Your toilet is talking to you – telling you to call a plumber soon to check if you need a sewer line repair or replacement! Bubbling noises coming from a toilet may mean that when the toilet is flushed, the sewage doesn’t have any place to go. Usually, the next step is the sewer backup up into your house and major sewage problems. If you hear gurgling noises, call Arizona Integrity Plumbing to come check it out!

You Smell Sewer or Other Strange Smells

Have you noticed strange smells around your home and you’re unsure what they are? Sewage has a distinct smell, but when a sewer line is leaking under your home, the ground can often times 

Mold is Growing on Your Walls

When your sewer needs repair or replacement, you’ll often times experience an increase of humidity – and mold and mildew – inside your home. Although an increase in humidity can also mean there are issues with your HVAC, if you noticed mold and mildew inside your home along with any of the other symptoms listed here, call your plumber to get your sewer line checked. 

Your Ground Is Unusually Soft

If you’re concerned about your sewer line, take a walk around your property to check for any unusually soft spots or puddles around your property. Even after watering your plants, the water will dry up. When you have a sewer leak, it’s common to see puddles, soft spots, and squelching noises that are a sign that water and sewage is leaking from your pipes underground. If you’ve noticed this, be safe and give Arizona Integrity Plumbing a call today!

An Increase in Pests

Have you noticed an increase of pests in and around your property like mice, rats, and cockroaches? Many pests love the damp, rich smells of the sewer – so when you have a sewer leak, it’s likely you’ll see more of these pest invading your space. If you suspect these pest are being attracted to your home because of a damaged sewer line, we suggest giving Arizona Integrity Plumbing a call for a free sewer line repair or replacement estimate!

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