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The term ‘repiping’ means replacing the old or damaged pipes in any building or centrifuge. It might not cost an arm and a leg, but it will come down to spending a fortune if you do not look at the warning signs of leakage and damages in your pipes. If your domestic supply water pipes are polybutylene (gray color) or kitec (orange and blue color), chances are you will be faced with a leak soon or later.

How do you know that your place needs repiping?

If you observe one of these reasons mentioned below, you need to consult Arizona Integrity Plumbing right away.


Leak is the first warning sign to look out for, and they should be replaced imminently. Sooner rather than later, they may plan an outburst and damage the whole system. To avoid this hassle, make sure you start thinking about repiping.

Pipes Are Ageing:

If your pipes have aged well, you might be looking at a repiping upgrade. At some point in the future the pipes will reach their useful life span limit. The rule of thumb is to keep track of your piping structure. If they go slightly above 50 years, they need to be replaced.

Low Water Pressure:

Another distraught reason to repipe is the lack of water pressure. By creating blockages and corrosion, the water pressure will reduce in a great amount. If your laundry machines are showing signs of lower pressures, that is because you need to look at repiping.
Other than these factors, a lot of other factors come into play, such as discoloration of water, bad odor of water, temperature fluctuation, and visible corrosion in pipes. An old, drab, and dreary piping structure can bring harmful effects into play. So, if you are experiencing any of these issues, contact us today for confounding assistance. The complexities seem daunting at first, but we provide astounding services that extend to certain subcategories such as:

Multifamily Repiping:

With more than a decade of repiping multi-family, we know what it takes to do a lot in less. When property owners, HOA, or management companies rely on us to do prompt and professional repipe work it goes without saying that we will get the work done without the least bit of hassle.

Residential Repiping:

If you have leaks feel free to consult us for unprecedented help. Our main aim is to defy everyone’s expectations and bring something new and unique to the table that is void of rejection. For that purpose, if there is an insidious quirk to your brain about residential repiping, feel free to contact us and get a solution in no time.

Commercial Repiping:

We extend and offer our services not only to residential and multi-family areas, but we also work closely with commercial repiping as well. We have served a mammoth amount of customers for over 14 years and that too, with a customer satisfaction rate of 100%. So, if you detect any kind of leaks, decrease in water flow, or rusted pipes feel free to contact us.

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