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Repipe Specialist in Fort Collins | We Are The Repipe Expert™ for Property Owners and Managers

As a repipe specialist in Fort Collins we focus on giving you peace of mind through a job well done – the first time. Call us today for a no hassle, free quote. 

Why we’re the #1 Repipe Company in Fort Collins

When it comes to finding a repipe specialist in Fort Collins, we know there is a lot of options and finding a service provider you can trust isn’t always easy. We also know that when thinking about a repipe it is a big commitment that deserves the highest level of care!

That’s where we come in! At Arizona Integrity Plumbing, our number one concern is the safety of your property when pipes burst or leak. Because of this, our processes aim to help you in your time of need, as fast as possible.

From start to finish we walk you through the process one step at a time, while leaving your building or home exactly the way we found it – and most of the time even better!

Because we have been repiping since 2006 – we can handle just about any size job out there. From commercial property repipes, to multi family home repipes and even residential repipes, we have repipe specialists and technicians on standby to help you today!

As The Repipe Specialist, We Promise To

Provide you with quality services and warranties that will benefit you for years to come. 

  • Free Quotes On All Repipes
  • 25 Year Guarantee for all Piping & Fittings
  • Liability Insurance Coverage up to $2 Million On Repipes
  • Guaranteed Pricing With No Hidden Costs or Fees
  • Fully Restored Walls and Patching With Color Matching Paint When Repiping

Our benefits are tailored to exceed the expectations of commercial property and home owners alike. 

Signs A Repipe Is Necessary


The first sign that your building or property is in need of a repipe is visual leaks and bursting pipes.

As time goes on pipes will continue to lose their strength making the situation worse for property management or the home owner. To avoid long term hassle – consider a repiping sooner than later 

Aging Pipes:

Buildings and homes are always aging and as they do so does the pipes of these structures. In most cases, pipes that are older than 50 years should be replaced. 

Low Water Pressure

Lastly, another sign that you may need a repipe is a lack of water pressure. Old pipes begin to corrode and when they do you will notice a reduction in the pressure that is available to your sinks or water outlets.

Repiping Services At A Glance 

Repiping is the industry standard word for the process of replacing older, worn-out, rusty pipes with new ones. Because many older homes were built using galvanized pipes that corrode after many years leading to small slab leaks.

In many cases, even though the outside of the pipe looks okay, the inside may be clogged with rust and other debris that hurt your properties ability to move water from faucets to drains.

As the corrosion builds over time it causes the pipes to become thinner, leading to the possibility of a pipe bursting. If this happens your property may become flooded and cause more damage then if the fixtures had been repiped sooner.

Polybutylene Repiping In Fort Collins Homes

Depending on how long ago your home was built you may be looking at a possible polybutylene repipe. In fact, this plastic resin was used between 1976 and 1996 and installed in over 10 million homes. 

In many cases it is not uncommon for Polybutylene Pipes to begin cracking and leaking. Chemicals added to water such as chlorine break poly pipes down over time leading to catastrophic bursts, water leaks, mold damage.

In addition, if you’re looking to sell your house anytime soon it’s important to understand how poly pipes could depreciate the value of your investment. Real estate agents are likely to steer clear of houses that contain polybutylene pipes in the Fort Collins area.

To see if your house currently contains poly pipes look for gray visible plastic-resin pipes that may be located by a water heater, sink or toilet. In some instances, both polybutylene pipes and copper are used.

At Arizona Integrity Plumbing our repipe experts replace and replumb your polybutylene pipes with pex! Pex pipe lasts longer, is safer for your house and ensures your asset will be worry-free for years to come. Find more information here about different types of pipes and their uses.

Get A Free Quote Today From The #1 Repipping Contractors in Fort Collins

Wondering if your property needs an assessment or have you noticed a broken or busted pipe? 

Call us today by hitting the button below and let one of our Repipe Specialists in Fort Collins help you decide if it’s time to replace the fixtures in your property!

Multifamily Repiping in Fort Collins

With more than a decade of repiping multi-family properties in Fort Collins, we know what it takes to do a lot more in less time. When property owners, HOA, or management companies rely on us to do prompt and professional repipe work it goes without saying that we will get the work done without the least bit of hassle.

Commercial Repiping in Fort Collins

We extend and offer our services not only to residential and multi-family areas, but we also work closely with commercial repiping as well. We have served a mammoth amount of customers for over 14 years and that too, with a customer satisfaction rate of 100%. So, if you detect any kind of leaks, decrease in water flow, or rusted pipes feel free to contact us.

Residential Repiping in Fort Collins

If you have leaks feel free to consult us for unprecedented help. Our main aim is to defy everyone’s expectations and bring something new and unique to the table that is void of rejection. For that purpose, if there is an insidious quirk to your brain about residential repiping, feel free to contact us and get a solution in no time.

If you have any plumbing need, simply call THE REPIPE EXPERT™

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