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Polybutylene Repiping | Servicing Apartments, Multifamily Homes, Single Family Homes and More in Arizona

Arizona Integrity Plumbing specializes in multi-family repiping, HOA repiping and commercial repiping services!

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    AZIP Specializes In Polybutylene Repiping For Commercial and Residential Properties

    Depending on the year your home was built, you may be looking at a possible polybutylene repipe.

    This plastic resin was used between 1976 and 1996 and installed in over 10 million homes.

    In many cases, it is not uncommon for Polybutylene Pipes to begin cracking and leaking. Chemicals added to water, such as chlorine, break poly pipes down over time, leading to catastrophic bursts, water leaks, mold damage.

    Also, if you’re looking to sell your house anytime soon, it’s essential to understand how poly pipes could depreciate the value of your investment. Real estate agents are likely to steer clear of homes that contain polybutylene pipes.

    To see if your house currently contains poly pipes look for gray visible plastic-resin pipes that may be located by a water heater, sink or toilet. In some instances, both polybutylene pipes and copper is used.

    That’s where we come in! At Arizona Integrity Plumbing, our repipe experts replace and replumb your polybutylene pipes with pex! Pex pipe lasts longer and is safer for your house while ensuring your asset will be worry-free for years to come.

    Signs It’s Time To Consider A Home Or Property Repipe

    • Pipes Are Aged or Unsafe

    • Pipes Are Leaking

    • Visible Corrosion on Pipes

    • Low Water Pressure

    • Water Discoloration

    • Water Tastes or Smells Bad

    • Water Temperature Fluctuation

    Do Polybutylene Pipes Have To Be Replaced?

    It’s a common misunderstanding that if your pipes haven’t cracked or leaked yet that they never will – this isn’t the case.

    As mentioned above, if your house was built before 1996, your poly pipes could on the brink of failure or nearing their life expectancy.

    Luckily enough, in many cases, a simple inspection from our technicians can save you from much bigger problems in the future!

    Call today to learn more about our Pex Piping solutions for Polybutylene Repipes!

    What to Expect During Your Commercial or Home Repipe

    We pride ourselves in delivering high-quality results with every job we complete. Check out our process below to see how we protect your home and 

    • Protect all floors and walls with plastic

    • Carefully open the walls to access your pipes

    • Replace all your pipes with high quality Pex Pipe

    • City inspector ensures the work is done according to code

    • We mud, texture and paint the area of the cuts – restoring the areas to look brand new

    • We leave your house as clean as we found it

    Our Arizona Repiping Clients Words About AZIP

    John M

    5 star rated plumber

    I was facing low water pressure and rusty water issues. I discussed it with one of my friends and he suggested me that the solution to this problem is repiping. I didn’t have any idea about it. He referred me to AZIP. So I ended up calling them and they came at my house within a couple of hours.

    The problem was all pipes were in a dire situation so I ended up listening to their professional advice and went with Pex repiping. Therefore I decided to go with Arizona Integrity Plumbing. It was my best decision. They exceeded my expectations and I recommend you to try this company.

    Andrea C

    5 star rated plumber

    This is one of the most professional organizations that I have ever worked with. When I requested a quote, I didn’t feel like I was in a sales  meeting. It was very low pressure and more of a focus on educating me about my house and the process it would take to get my whole home Re-piped. They focused on minimizing the impact to my day to day routines. I was impressed and decided to hire them.

     I was not disappointed. They took the time to protect my furniture and floors. My house looked a little like a hazmat area. Once the plastic was removed, you couldn’t even tell that they had been there. Completely clean, patched and painted. The only way I could be sure they had been there and did the work is that I saw how hard they were working. I would highly recommend this unbelievably professional and courteous company to anyone!!. 

    Have burst pipes? A house older then 20 years? You May Need A Repipe from THE REPIPE EXPERT™ 

    Quick, Reliable Repair of Leaks and Pipe Bursts

    General Repiping FAQs

    How do I know when I need a repipe?

    In many cases a home owner may not know he or she needs a repipe, especially if their pipes have been working fine up until the point of an incident.

    Some signs that may point to the possibility of needing a home or property repipe are:

    • Low Water Pressure
    • Rust-Colored Water
    • Pipe Leaks
    • Getting Scalded in the Shower When Someone Flushes
    Why should I hire a repiping professional or expert?

    Repiping a house, building or property is no easy task. There are many things to consider such as legal guidelines and regulations to preserve the integrity of your structure. In man cases attempting to do it yourself can lead to more damages.

    We recommend contacting our team of experts to set up a free, no obligation quote to see what we can do for you!

    What is the cost to repipe a house?

    To be completely honest and transparent, the cost of repiping a house varies greatly.

    What type of pipe is currently installed, what the extent of the damage is to the pipes, where the pipes located and more all contribute towards the cost of a repipe.

    Looking for a pex repipe in Arizona?

    One of the best repiping materials you can outfit your house with is pex piping.

    This type of pipe is flexible, easy to install, helps keep costs low and will keep up with the lifespan of your home and it’s day to day uses.

    If you have a house that’s 20 years or older it may be time to think about replacing polybutylene or galvanized pipes today!