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How to know when I need a repipe

While many people wonder when their property may need a repipe, it is not usually the topic of many conversations until the time comes. Usually, a home or property owner finds out they need a repipe when it is an emergency due to a busted or leaking pipe.

While most pipes last 30-50 years on average, there’s no definitive timeline for a pipe’s lifespan. Because they are frequently under pressure and daily use, they can fail at any time.

Because we here at AZIP care about your home and family’s well-being, we have outlined the signs you may experience when a repipe is necessary.

If you are experiencing any of the following, please reach out to us as soon as possible for a free repipe quote!

Old Homes and Pipes

While a home or property pipes’ lifespan will vary depending on multiple factors, it is essential to note that pipes will need replacing every 30-60 years. In many cases, this is the length of time a pipe’s materials begin to corrode through and become severely damaged, leading t catastrophic failure.

If your home was built before the 1970s or through the early 1990s, your pipes might be made of galvanized steel or polybutylene. While these materials were considered safe and effective previously, newer materials are often more safe and non-toxic.

Leaking Pipes or Visible Corrosion

This may be an obvious statement, but leaking pipes should be replaced immediately.

When they are not, they can lead to an immense amount of water damage in your home if they freeze over and burst

How to know when I need a repipe

It’s also important to remember that if one pipe experiences a leak or corrosion, other pipes in your home may be right behind them as they are likely to be made of the same materials.

Low Water Pressure

While low water pressure can be due to multiple reasons, it is most likely caused by sediment build-up or corrosion that has lead to micro leaks. This, in turn, results in water being unable to frow freely through your pipes, causing increased water pressure due to blockages.

Water Discoloration

Another significant way to know if you need a home repipe is water discoloration!

If you turn on your water and see any color other than clear, it’s time to look into a repipe! Sediment build-up and corrosion can cause water to turn yellow, orange, or brown in some cases.

Consider that these elements can end up in your drinking and bathing water, which could cause long term health effects.

This is especially common after not using water for a few days or when on vacation. Note, if this occurs when using hot-water and not cold, it may be related to your hot water heater and not your pipes.

How Much Does It Cost to Repipe A House?

The cost of repiping a house depends on many factors, including the house’s size, the materials used during your repipe, and any unknown factors that may arise.

Because we often get asked this question by homeowners who want to know when they need a repipe, we provide free quotes on all repiping services at Arizona Integrity Plumbing to let you know the up-front, no-hassle cost of our services. In addition, unlike other repiping companies, our specialists do more than repipe your home or property – we also repair all dry-wall cut-outs adjacent to your pipes!

A good rule of thumb is to remember that the cost to repipe a house falls within the range of 0.40c – $2.20 per linear foot but can add long-term value to your home, especially if you plan to re-sell it!

Experiencing Any of These Issues In Your Home or Property?

Now that you know the signs to look for when wondering if you need a repipe, If you are experiencing any of these issues, please call us immediately at Arizona Integrity Plumbing!

We are available to help you with any questions about the repipe process and what it entails.

Our video below is also a great resource to help you understand the fundamentals of a repipe.

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